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Home again!

Home again! (Nederlands zie hieronder)

March 10, we left with high expectations and with a lot of sense to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Not the first time we went there but it was a while ago. The goal was a new photo trip and at the same time our holiday. Wonderful to be there again, sleeping in our own van and taking pictures in a beautiful place with peace, space, fantastic landscapes and very friendly people. After a few days of walking, photographing and enjoying nature, being outdoors, more and more alarming messages came in.
The stay there changed, the peace to photograph disappeared and gave way to anxiety. Anxiety about family and friends. Not so much for ourselves as we had the idea that we would be fairly safe there on the edge of Europe. Some countries decided to close the borders, flights were canceled, etc. Could we still go home if something was wrong with a loved one? Contact with the ferry company, foreign affairs, etc. of course no one knew, but that it would get worse was clear. We decided to cancel our stay there. It didn’t feel right in several ways. We wanted to be at home near family but also as a foreigner not to be a burden on the Outer Hebrides, with the majority of the population gray and few hospital capacities. Due to a storm the boat did not sail from the islands to the mainland of Scotland that day. But one day later we could make the crossing. Rebooking the boat from Newcastle to IJmuiden and on Thursdaymorning we were back home. When we left everything seemed different in the Netherlands and now it is getting worse by the day. The boat between England and the Netherlands is no longer sailing and measures have also been taken on the Hebrides to prevent the spread of the virus. It feels good to be home now, but the Hebrides are not yet rid of us.

We wish everyone the very best, stick to the instructions and stay healthy!

Jan en Mart Smit

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